Yearbook Templates & Resources

Ready to fit any style or theme

Each of Entourage Yearbook’s programs comes with a specially designed Yearbook Kit to help you through the whole yearbook process. This kit includes:

  • Tools for organizing your staff and book (calendars, yearbook ladders, checklists, etc.)
  • Guide detailing how to create your pages
  • Hundreds of easy to use yearbook templates
  • Dozens of theme ideas, cover templates, and backgrounds
  • Free fonts for every design idea
  • And much much more!

Each school will have their yearbook kit delivered right to their door. Any school who is excited to get started right away will have the option to download an electronic version of the yearbook kit online

Need Help Organizing?

Having trouble organizing your yearbook project? We are here to help!

Entourage has put together libraries of tools and templates to help make the process of creating a yearbook easy and fun! Don’t start from scratch:

  • See the difference in using our included free yearbook templates
  • Get ideas from our resource guides
  • Take advantage of our library of tools, fonts, templates, and design ideas

Whether this is your first yearbook or your fifth yearbook, Entourage has put together a comprehensive set of yearbook services to organize, create, and submit your yearbook materials easily and conveniently.

“Great service! My emails were answered right away plus, the staff was kind and polite, and very patient. The yearbook production and shipment was very fast and organized; very efficient. Keep up the good work!"

– Louise Secordel, IB School South

Templates & More!

Whether you are using InDesignFotoFusion, or our own EDOnline software, speed the process and make a professional yearbook with our proven templates & tools.

  • Multiple Theme Templates – Whether you’re designing for your sports section, or for clubs and events, we have a library of yearbook templates to choose from
  • Clip-art and graphics – Looking for images to help with design, select from our our thousands of production quality clip-art
  • Backgrounds and cover design templates – Just looking for design ideas? Check out our background and cover templates
  • Fonts, Fonts, and more Fonts – Finally, all the fonts you’ll ever need… fully installed and fully supported

Need more information? You can contact us at or call us at 1-888-YBOOKS1